Testing software

In two days you'll get a basic understanding of software testing. You'll learn what testing is, why it's important to test, when you have to test and which testing tools you can use.

Voor wie is de training Software testen geschikt?

  • Mensen die erachter willen komen of testen iets voor ze is. Wil je breder onderzoeken of een functie in de IT iets voor je kan zijn? Volg dan onze introductiecursus IT
  • If you are a junior tester and want to know the basics
  • For business analists, scrum masters and application support analists who want to know more about testings or want to work more T-shaped in the future
  • If you are involved in organizing or leading testing projects, like test managers, test consultants and QA managers
  • No prior knowledge or experience is required


In this workshop you will be introduced to:

  • Different testing methods and theories
  • The characteristics of a software testers and how does his/her typical day look like?
  • The tools a tester should use and which coding languages he needs to know
  • How Scrum and DevOps will impact testing
  • Different types of testing (from unit testing to UAT, automated or not)?
  • Different roles in software testing

What is the result?

If you've followed this training, you'll understand exactly what software testing is, what the importance is and what's the role of testing in software development.

Wat maakt onze workshop Software testen uniek?

  • Learning method: in line with the needs of the present time. No boring PowerPoint slides, but playful ways of learning
  • Practical: although a small part of the workshop will focus on the theory, a large part will be hands on
  • Tailor-made: we determine the content of the workshop together with you, so that the participants receive a tailor-made training. In this way we can focus on a topic that is relevant to the team 

Would you like to have this training provided in-company? Please contact us.

  • Duration workshop: 2 x 4 hours (or 1 day)
  • Experience is not a prerequisite  
  • Costs: €1400 for 6 people + €100 per additional participant (ex BTW)
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